2017 - 2018 SEASON

Our Mission: To be a cornerstone of the Niagara arts community through creative and passionate programs that entertain and enthrall.

Thank You to our 50 Golden Anniversary Candle Donors

From a Spark to a Flame, Building a Legacy for the next 50 Years!


  • The Andrewes Family
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous, In tribute to a good friend, Helene Mathies
  • Virginia Atkin and Keith Ambachtsheer
  • Kay Barry and Margaret Reid
  • Robert Berckmans and Joanne Heritz
  • Terry and Cathy Boak
  • Warren Booth
  • George and Teresa Brady, in memory of family and friends who did not survive the Holocaust
  • Beck and Barbara Brown
  • Megan Cooper
  • Robert Cooper
  • David and Miriam Dunbar
  • Friend of Chorus Niagara
  • Sean Foley and Margaret Matymus
  • Hugh Gayler
  • Rosemary Hale and Nancy Sigafoos
  • Robert Henderson
  • Josephine Henderson
  • Dr. Dianne Heritz
  • Judy and David Gittings, in memory of my brother Roy Lampard
  • Peggy Lampard, in memory of Roy Lampard
  • Robin and Scott Lampard, in memory of our father Roy Lampard
  • The Laughton family, in memory of Dorothy and Wally Laughton
  • James Lindsay, in memory of Mary Ann Lindsay
  • Patrick and Vicki Little
  • Theresa Maddalena, in memory of Maria Maddalena
  • Michael Manley-Casimir
  • Eileen Martin
  • Helene Mathies, in memory of Bert Mathies, a founding member of Chorus Niagara
  • Claudia and Gary Meyer
  • Janet Partridge
  • Peter Partridge
  • Peter Partridge and Poppy Gilliam
  • Dan and Saundra Patterson
  • Terri and Jennifer Pothier, in memory of Sandy Pothier
  • Paul and Gail Price, in honour of their 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Jane and Stuart Reimer, Paul and Gini Henderson, Thomas, Michael and David Reimer, Jack and Sam Henderson - To honour our Grandmother and Great-Grandmother Edith Mary Roberts, on her 102nd birthday
  • John and Cathy Rollo
  • St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre
  • John and Andree Senn
  • Helen Sinclair, in memory of Mary Coutts
  • Anita Stephen, in honour of my parents Frank and Agnes Willms
  • Karen Toppila and Robert Wildbore
  • Marilyn Walker
  • Norris Walker
  • Martha Wiens
  • Jill Wilks, in memory of Fran Wilks
  • Christopher Wilson
  • Katie Zartman

spark of flames image

Thank you to the generous individuals - helping Chorus Niagara's flame grow even stronger!



Chorus Niagara Receives Award from Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

50 year award image

Chorus Niagara was presented with a 50th Anniversary Award in recognition of 50 Years of contribution and commitment to the Niagara business community. The award was presented to Paul Price by Mary Jane Johnson of the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.