How to Get Rid of Pet Odor in Carpet

Pets are one of the best companions that you can have in life, and the freedom of getting your pets in your household may be both liberating and fulfilling. Our furry friends tend to leave dander and hair anywhere they go, and at times they even have accidents that make your carpets smelling terrible. Let’s discuss a few quick tips and guidelines concerning how you can prevent these events from occurring and what to do if they happen. 

First and foremost, pets must be frequently bathed! Although some pet owners don’t like to do so because the pet will be inclined to demonstrate, this goes a very long way to maintaining excess fur and dander in check. Always be sure to use pet shampoo just, instead of a human, as there are different substances in human shampoo that can not only result in damage to your pet’s fur but exacerbate the issue with shedding in addition to possibly triggering reactions. As soon as your pet is clean, make sure to frequently brush their coat to remove excess fur. This can keep it out of the rugs and your upholstery, and for cats, it is going to reduce their likeliness to cough up hairballs on your carpet.

Then be sure to regularly change your kitty’s litter box, or even walk your puppy to make sure that they are relieving themselves where they should be. When critters begin having accidents, there can be many reasons, including health issues, stress, or nutritional problems. It might even be something as straightforward as a dirty litter box! Since the true origin of the origin is beyond the scope of this guide, be sure to consult with your veterinarian for appropriate guidance, but in the meantime keep things clean for your pet and they will usually do the same for you.

Since accidents will eventually happen, you need to be prepared for them. This can be important in many ways. First, pets tend to gravitate back to a spot they left a mess in, so it is important to get out the odor to prevent this. Enzyme cleaners are the only true way to do this, as normal solutions don’t completely get rid of the odor into the pet if it does for people. Second, neutralization will get rid of the acidic content of the waste matter, which will prevent damage to a carpet. If the urine gets to the bonding glue in the carpeting, it can dissolve it and cause delamination, leading to additional damage to your carpet. Special enzyme cleansers will also kill the bacteria that reside in waste matter, leaving the carpeting safe for you and your loved ones.

If you are not able to do cleanup on your own and need higher-power equipment or much more solution than you can reasonably obtain to get the work done, consider hiring a carpet cleaning professional. Most carpet cleaners can provide high levels of pet cleaning services that are safe for your pets and the environment at a price much cheaper than getting it by yourself. Additionally, they’ll have the ability to use their equipment to provide a deeper cleaning than you would be able to. Obviously, a full cleaning is usually not necessary for smaller stains, but if you’ve failed a space for a while or moved into a home with a history of accidents, heavy cleaning may be in order if not an entire replacement. Make sure you check with your carpet cleaning technician first to find out what the best approach could be.

The odor should disappear after implementing these ideas about the best way to deodorize a house. But if the issue persists, call PuroClean. Biohazard cleanup professionals have specialized products and equipment, such as ozone or hydroxyl generators, so that may be very effective in completing the deodorizing process. Looking for cigarette odor removal Fort Worth? Check this out for more info.

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