Small Business Ideas and Changing the World

Great smallish businesses are started by great small business ideas. Look into any business anywhere and you’ll discover someplace in the evolution there was an idea by somebody, who did something about it, started a business, built the business, Because ideas are the genesis of all things, and certainly everything pertaining to the business.

If the idea is good enough, and the person acting on the thought is great enough, the combination of thought and action will shake the world. Perhaps among the most rewarding things for me to do would be to read stories about people who achieved business success. Every successful business came from an individual, man or woman, using an idea that they would develop to a concept, and that concept was developed into a service or There is an infinite number of inspirational stories of how businesses were launched and developed.

The majority of them are fascinating reads since they help to nurture in mind the power of small business ideas, and how those ideas can affect the planet. Among my favorites is the story of Madam C J Walker. She was born in 1867 in the deep South, a time and place of intense discrimination and disadvantage for African Americans and women.

Both her parents were slaves, and of her five sisters, she was the firstborn free. Both of her parents died, and if she was just twenty years old her husband died, leaving her with a two-year-old daughter. She moved to another country to be with her brothers, and there began to come up with an idea that was spawned in her years earlier… Madam C J Walker had married again, now well into her thirties, when she started experimenting with a product to take care of hair loss and scalp issues common to Eventually, fueled by her own fire and thoughts, she developed a number of products of her own design and started traveling with her husband to offer them throughout America.

In a few years, she had built a school to train hair culturists and even her very own manufacturing facility to create her products. Madam C J Walker became the first self-made woman millionaire, and this with multiple and significant disadvantages. Her story is a testament not only to overcoming tremendous odds of accomplishment but the power of an idea. Her small business ideas, bolstered by her personal strength and creativity, blossomed into an enormous benefit for millions of girls of her period and beyond.

The issue isn’t lack of ideas; it is excused folks offer to not act on them. The whole soft drink empire came from one concept, shaped to a recipe, and scratched on a sheet of paper and tucked away in a person’s pocket. And that thought would have remained a mere”thought” forever, hadn’t someone took the opportunity and acted on it to see what could happen. To make a successful business, there has to be an idea, but not just any thought.

Just the way to approach small business ideas to bring them to fruition? Here are a few questions that should be considered: If it has bee n done or is usually known, it likely is not a novel idea worth pursuing, unless the concept is a totally new spin on an existing Here goes the logical standard: an idea is only as good as it’s reasonable or possible. Yes, it would be good to have a product which, say, makes the front yard never grow higher than the desired length, while staying green and healthy.

There are zillions of ideas out there and tons of them have developed to a point but not see the light of day since they’re not reasonable: the price or hassle to make them is much greater than the benefit. Is the thought in my area of knowledge or interest? Most individuals are good at something and have a particular area of interest.

To create small business ideas efficiently it stands to reason the programmer should understand the solution or have a serious interest in it. A small business coming from an individual’s passion is the quickest and surest way to success. To construct a business or business or business that will change the world always starts with an idea. Then ideas are added to ideas with enthusiasm and passion and intelligence. And what outcomes can be life-changing, not just for the entrepreneur, but for people everywhere.

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