Success In The Entertainment Business

I wish to speak with all of you who want to work your way to the entertainment industry as a celebrity. I wish to ask you firstly what’s your definition of success? Allow me to tell you why this is so important. Because in case you don’t understand what your definition of success is, then YOU won’t know when you’ve’made it’.

You also put yourself in the awkward position of not understanding how to get there! How do you get out of your house in Basildon, Essex, to Florida USA if you do not know where it is, what roads to take to the airport, you would not plan your trip so badly and therefore don’t plan your career so poorly.

Secondly, I would like you to be completely honest about your gift, your artistry, your job rate, your commitment and your dedication to your goal achievement. Have you got the ability to become a million-selling artist? It is no good saying I will grow on the way. Have you got the existence and the assurance of a thousand selling artists/band today???

If your’honest’ response isn’t quite, then your next question should be’How do I get the confidence and the existence? ‘ With my training, I use a special visualization technique which allows you to take on’ the assurance and the existence of any artist you admire. Techniques that may give you confidence immediately to take care of pre-stage nerves.

In the event you were a thousand selling band/artist, how would you walk, speak, think and behave? Close your eyes and actually get clear on your response… Allow me to tell you this in return for your response. You won’t walk, speak, think and behave like that because you’re a thousand selling artist/band! You’ll be a million-selling artist since you walk, speak, think and behave like one!

Consider your future and where you want it to go. And finally’Are you doing anything it takes to deserve that achievement? Now I understand that the smallest mention of Geri Halliwell in the Spice Girls, and you’ll likely go onto tell me about her lack of talent as a singer, but what if I was to tell you that in order for her to achieve her success, she chose regular singing lessons, dance classes, practiced probably two times as much as others which were much more talented and that she would travel to London on next to no money and go to 6 or 5 auditions in 1 day! The ironic thing is that there was no fortune in her break in any respect. I wish you all the success in the long run.

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