2017 - 2018 SEASON

Our Mission: To be a cornerstone of the Niagara arts community through creative and passionate programs that entertain and enthrall.


Chorus Niagara exposes local residents to choral music of exceptional quality, leaving audiences feeling uplifted, inspired and appreciative of the role of performing arts in our diverse community fabric.

Former Mayor Brian McMullan | St.Catharines

Chorus Niagara and Bob Cooper continue to bring to Niagara world class performances of the world's greatest choral masterpieces. As well, they challenge us with commissions by 21st Century composers. How lucky we all are!!

Peter M. Partridge | Partridge Wealth Management

Chorus Niagara is a bright star, a treasure for us all to enjoy. Every concert is inspirational and uplifting.

Dr. Rosemary Hale | Dean, Faculty of Humanities - Professor, Department of History at Brock University

For us, Chorus Niagara is pure joy. We are very fortunate to have this extraordinary resource in our region. We salute the leadership of conductor Robert Cooper and the dedicated men and women who comprise the choir.

Dan & Saundra Patterson | Dan Patterson, Ph.D. - President, Niagara College

Talisker Players collaborates with many choirs throughout southern Ontario, but Chorus Niagara is a standout. Its artistic excellence, the warmth and enthusiasm of its members, and the professionalism of its staff make it a joy to work with. Concerts with Chorus Niagara are among the highlights of our season.

Mary McGeer | Manager (principal violist) of Talisker Players

Music is an opportunity to discover your soul. The collective souls of the Chorus present through a well performed piece of music an opportunity for the audience to feel the thrill, the compassion and the emotion of the presentation, and as a community, an awakening of their own souls.

Phil Andrewes | Choir Member

St. Catharines is proudly celebrated in the talents of Chorus Niagara, a dedicated gathering of individuals whose collective voice inspires and enriches all of our lives.

Rebecca Cann | Cultural Planning Supervisor, City of St. Catharines

“If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience, that tests your musicality and confidence, and at the same time displays your talent in the most satisfying of ways… being a RCCS does just that. I was blown away at how welcoming and motivated Chorus Niagara was, even after long rehearsals (for the Bach B Minor Mass of course), and how much I grew as a musician, and as a soloist. Robert Cooper is an amazing conductor who dedicates his heart and soul into everything he does and flawlessly accomplishes it all. From that leadership the choir is inspired to make beautiful music.  I enjoyed every second of my time as a Robert Cooper Choral Scholar, and would do it again in a heartbeat”.  

Victoria Hoshowsky | Soprano, RCCS Scholar 2015-16