Knowing The Importance Of Branding Your Business

Brand building is for mega-corporations.  Not that accurate. 

The concept of branding has been hijacked by the so-called marketing specialists and turned right into a mysterious world of ‘awareness quotients’, ‘recognition metrics’ and ‘focus groups’.  Because of this, many small business owners have come to believe that developing a brand is beyond their funding or irrelevant to them.

It is time to take the notion of brand building back to its specifications and show it is equally as important to your small, local business because it’s to a multinational corporation.  The difference is one of scale.

Primarily what is Brand?   A brand is everything your customers and prospects comprehend and remember about your business; their perception of you.  Yes, it is about your logo, your color scheme, the design on the side of your vans, or the kind of your storefront, but it is also about the abstract things like how your employees deal with customers, whether you’ve inventory shortages or if you deliver on time.

Whatever you do and whatever you display to the external world becomes a part of your brand.  But why is it important?

In precisely the same manner we form quick impressions of those people we meet make similar conclusions of the businesses we encounter, even if we never buy anything from them.  Listed below are a couple of examples from my regional place.

I recently transferred to a new locality.  Just down the street is a cycle store.  I’ve been planning to purchase a bicycle but hadn’t got around to moving in.  Late one night a vehicle lost control and careered to the window on one side of the store.  That was three months before, but for some reason, they haven’t replaced the glass and the window remains boarded up.

I do not understand why this hasn’t yet been mended, but exactly what it suggests to me is absolute indifference.  If they can not be bothered to repair their shop, what maintenance could they take of me as a customer?  I had no specific sense for their brand, but I have a perception and that I won’t be buying my bike from them.

By comparison, within the next street, there’s a butcher store, which specializes in organic meat.  The storefront includes a pleasing old-world design, the window is always closely laid out, the beef seems succulent and tender and the staff is dressed in whites.

Exactly like the cycle shop, I have never been but I have formed a very favorable opinion.  Only from what I have observed, I think I would be served with friendly men and women that know what they’re talking about; that they’d sell me the best meat and even though it will likely cost far more than from my regional supermarket, it will taste great and will be well worth every penny.

The butcher has succeeded in creating a solid brand image in my mind.  So powerful in fact that I’m already willing to pay, possibly fifty percent more for the adventure of purchasing from him and enjoying a high-quality item.

Now it can be that when I do move in, the service may not be as great as I expect.  They may be condescending about my lack of understanding of beef cuts and the product might not be as great as I think, in which case, my perception of this brand is going to be tarnished.  In other words, they have the opportunity but they’re doing great.

So how can your brand?  Does your shop look inviting?  Are your vans turned out?  Do your staff behave and dress smartly?  Is the name or logo, exhibited consistently across your displays, letterheads, adverts and business cards?

Whether your brand is all about high quality and higher price or low price, fast shipping, Burke & Burke considers that the significant thing is your consistent support of the image you wish to portray.  Don’t attempt to be all things to all clients; pick your market and present yourself far from becoming the territory of major corporations and keep in mind, a transparent, positive brand is essential for every business.

Why Business Branding Is So Important

Your “brand” goes well beyond the scope of your ceremony or your widget.  Your brand is your reputation.   Your brand is how customers think about your business, the way they talk about your business, and also how they feel about your business.   Yes, I stated the way they feel about your business.   You might be amazed to learn that an overwhelming majority of customer choices are based in whole or in part on their psychological connection to the individual behind the business.   That is true to some extent in online business.   That is why online business owners assert chatty, personal blogs and even give away valuable information in their niche.   The main purpose here is to keep readers coming back in the hopes (and to raise the likelihood) that they will become valued customers someday soon.   Needless to say, this type of branding is an increasingly significant factor when it comes to owning and running a local storefront since the achievement of your business is highly dependent upon positive word of mouth among the local people, and repeat business is critical.

How to Establish Your Brand

As we have created, your “brand” equals much, much more than the simple service or product you offer.   You know that it’s an important deciding factor in the eventual success or failure of your business.   How do you go about building your brand?   Well, you have a few options, here.   You might wish to think about using all of these.

Participate in community events and organizations

Sponsor community triggers and neighborhood college functions

Sponsor a broader trigger and rally support via your website

Get involved with social media marketing

BE YOURSELF!   The only way today to put yourself apart from all of the competition out there is to let your personality shine through.

The #1 asset your business has that will allow it to stand out from the contest is you!   Ask yourself these questions.   Answer frankly.

Why did I choose this business?

Why is this line of business significant for me?

What is exceptional in my business?

What portion of my business am I passionate about?

How do I share this passion with my customers?

When you identify what makes your business special, you can capitalize on it to build your own personal, unique business brand toward lasting success!

The Bottomline for Branding

It sends a very clear message.  Not many businessmen understand that practicing good branding is among the best leadership strengths one can use for communication.  If you’ve got the brand, it will send out a powerful message even.  It is thus important that you thoroughly research for a brand that complies with your client’s requirements and that sends them a message.  When communication’s bridge is shaped, the consumers will become your customers.

It boosts business authenticity.  People hoping to have successful leadership in business recognize that authenticity doesn’t come easily.  It requires creation, intensive marketing and providing products and services.  Together with the increase in your company’s credibility, people will start to readily associate your business with a brand-new.  Once a brand begins to become recognizable, your institution’s credibility is going to have a foundation.

It creates a link between your products and clients.  Folks can always relate to a brand that they adore.  This occurs because, in each aspect of life, service or product has become a witness for failure or success.  That’s the reason why branding is one of the most important leadership strengths.  A powerful brand will develop a link between clients and an organization’s products.

It motivates buyers.  Like it was said previously, branding boosts a relationship between goods and clients.  If this bond is strong, the brand can motivate clients to continue buying your products and services.  This is an immediate result of the bond that exists between your company and clients.  However, this is only going to happen if the brand your organization has is one that people can easily associate with.

There certainly are various ways in which you can boost your leadership in business, however, one of the most important leadership strengths is having a unique, attractive and recognizable brand, that people can associate with.  A powerful brand is very important for a successful leader in business.


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